The modern decor style has existed since the beginning of the 20th century. Less associated with an era than with an aesthetic philosophy, it’s still very popular today, especially in urban settings and in homes that adopt modern architecture for themselves, including condos. Here are 5 ideas for modern condo interior design.

Generally speaking, modern decor is characterized by the presence of sleek lines, monochromatic colour palettes, versatile furniture, and natural light. When these elements are brought together, spacious rooms can be created with a warm and sophisticated atmosphere, sometimes approaching a minimalist spirit.

1. Choose Multifunctional Furniture to Organize the Space in the Condo

While the aesthetic aspect is essential in modern condo interior design, the efficiency of the layout of the rooms is no less important. To create rooms that are at once elegant, practical, and spacious, it’s recommended to opt for furniture that can be used for multiple purposes or that can be adapted according to your needs. This bold furniture is generally designed by thinking about the needs of people who live in homes where space is rather limited.

This aspect is particularly important for those looking to create space by reducing potential sources of clutter as much as possible. Examples of versatile furniture include bunk beds, which can be very advantageous in children’s bedrooms, chairs that turn into beds, or modular furniture that can move around on wheels, depending on your needs.

Obviously, to adapt to the modern style, you should choose furniture that adopts pure and harmonious lines.

2. Combine Neutral Shades with Bright Colours

When it comes to the colour palette, modern style is often associated with neutral shades that let you create a refined space complemented by decorative accessories. For the walls of the condo, white, grey, or beige shades are generally chosen. The accent wall is a very common element in modern-style decor. By choosing a single wall of the room to add a touch of colour to, you can make the decor livelier while bringing together the elements of the room.

3. Focus on Accessories and Textures

Given that the furniture generally adopts sleek lines and the colours of the walls are neutral, you can have a bit of fun with the accessories. These accessories, integrated sparingly, let you add a warm and textured look to the rooms of the condo. Vases, frames, carpets, lamps, and storage boxes let you add a bit of whimsy to the decor of the rooms. As with the furniture, accessories that are also used for storage are very common in the modern style.

4. Get Inspired by Scandinavia

Why have the countries of northern Europe and Scandinavia acquired such a reputation in the world of architecture and furniture design? Since the ’50s, the Scandinavian style has carved out a great place for itself in this field, particularly because of the most famous decor brand, that big blue and yellow store that exists around the world!

Scandinavian design is very popular because it focuses on efficiency while paying plenty of attention to the aesthetic side of things. The designers are greatly inspired by nature and strive to create timeless furniture and accessories. To adopt the modern Scandinavian style in your home, you can opt for raw and natural materials and soft fabrics that invoke comfort by creating warm lighting.

5. Take Advantage of the Natural Light and Create Harmonious Lighting

Natural light offers health benefits to the occupants of the condo. Ideally, you should therefore include as many windows as possible, which let the natural light penetrate softly. Of course, given that we live in a country where the light is sometimes limited to a few hours per day, you have to know how to compensate by also creating pleasant artificial lighting.

In modern decor, the lighting is used to highlight the architectural elements and to bathe the rooms in targeted yet subdued light. The light fixtures can also be part of the decorative elements in the house. For example, in modern decor, we often see chandeliers in dining rooms, which act as accent pieces.

So these are just a few tips to follow to adopt the modern decor style in a condo, which will let you create a warm, pleasant, and spacious living environment.

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