The island of Montreal consists of several sectors that offer very pleasant and welcoming living environments. The residential areas follow each other and don’t look like each other, responding to varied needs and preferences. The West Island and its different areas are also diverse, with a good balance between the peaceful atmosphere of the streets lined with pretty houses and the beauty of the natural spaces.

Buying a Condo in the West Island

Although condo projects are often associated with central neighbourhoods, other parts of the city also feature this type of property, including the West Island. Those looking to buy a new condo in Montreal are therefore invited to examine the projects being developed in this area, because they offer many advantages.

Suited to Different Lifestyles

The condo is a type of property that’s perfectly suited to the needs of professionals, entrepreneurs, and young retirees. These people are looking for a home that suits their lifestyle, both with respect to their daily occupation and their free time.

On this level, by choosing to invest in a condo located in the West Island, you’ll find yourself in an environment very conducive to your pastimes. Indeed, the services offered in this part of the Montreal area are geared toward indoor and outdoor sports, as well as many other types of leisure activities (including cultural activities). The area is well endowed with bike paths, green spaces, and marinas, and there are also some very nice golf courses there.

The Perfect Balance Between Nature and the City

In the West Island, you benefit from the fact that Montreal is located on an island. On the southwestern shore of the island, the St. Lawrence River meets Lake Saint-Louis. The wooded areas are also numerous, allowing you to take pleasant walks in the forest without leaving the city.

The Closeness of the City and the Accessibility of the Services

The West Island offers a quiet but always welcoming living environment, and you’re never far from the excitement of the city. Public transit and other modes of transportation are very well developed there. You can reach downtown Montreal by train in less than 30 minutes. Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport is also located in this part of the city, making the trip to catch a plane easier.

As for the services offered in this sector, including schools, libraries, shops, sports facilities, and daycares, everything can be found nearby. In this regard, the Académie Sainte-Anne, a school that opened its doors a few years ago and which is recognized for its innovative educational projects, is located in Dorval.

The Living Environment

The ideal living environment is often described as being a place on a human scale that meets the needs of the people, promotes community life, and cultivates a feeling of belonging. This part of the island is particularly conducive to developing this kind of environment, hence the appeal of investing in it. People quickly get attached to their community and to the environment in which they live.

The Layout of the Condos

Besides the quality of life that prevails in this part of the city, you should also note the layout of the condos, which is characterized by the target clientele as well as the type of environment. Generally speaking, the condos built in the West Island are more spacious than average because the space there is less restricted than in the central districts. This makes it possible to develop condo projects with bigger rooms. This type of layout also allows for bigger windows, because the buildings are constructed with open spaces around them, so that nature keeps its place and natural light can enter.

Real Estate Investment in the West Island : A Lively Market

This final aspect is particularly appealing for investors. At the moment, several areas of Montreal are seeing an increase in property values, including the West Island. According to studies, these figures will continue to grow in the coming years. That means it’s the perfect time to buy in order to make a safe financial investment.

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