I Want to Sell My House to Buy a Condo : Where to Start ?

The condo is often perceived as a first home before buying a house. However, in some cases, the steps unfold otherwise. Following changes in the lifestyle or needs of the occupants, sometimes the opposite happens instead. In this case, what should you know to initiate...

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The Unique Features of Contemporary House Plans

Many people dream of living in a contemporary house. This type of property has many advantages, because beyond a traditional layout, the building is designed in consideration of a large number of essential aspects. Contemporary house plans therefore involve numerous...

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Single-Family Homes or Condominiums: How to Decide?

According to a recent survey, two thirds of Quebeckers are willing to exceed their budget to access the home of their dreams, even if this puts them in financial difficulty: that’s how much importance they place on the purchase of their home. But what should you...

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