When you’re thinking about buying a property, the choice of the neighbourhood is certainly one of the most important points to consider. Related to your budget, but also to your daily routine, the neighbourhood in which your property is located must correspond to both your needs and your desires. The residential development of certain neighbourhoods in Montréal predicts their expansion as well as their overall development, in terms of the services, infrastructure, or shops that can likely be found there in a few years. The goal in monitoring these neighbourhoods? To buy before everyone wants to do it.

The expanding neighbourhoods in Montréal

Over time, neighbourhoods start to look different from each other and take on value, sometimes suddenly. Indeed, the phenomenon of the neighbourhood that deteriorates only to gentrify a few years later is very recurrent. On the island of Montréal, the up-and-coming neighbourhoods that are in full residential development and expansion are the following:


After the renewal and gentrification of the Plateau Mont-Royal and the Mile-End, which are starting to become saturated, it’s time for the neighbouring district of Mile-Ex to be on the verge of seeing a major residential development emerge. Formerly an industrial area, then popular, in recent years, it’s become a trendy, community-oriented neighbourhood where many restaurants and bars can be found, as well as the offices of multiple startups.

Outremont: near the old rail yard

In the extension of Mile-Ex, on the east side of Outremont, near the old rail yard, the new Université de Montréal campus can be found, which is accompanied by the construction of over 800 affordable housing units primarily intended for students. This large-scale project predicts a bright future, a renewal, and a great dynamism surrounding this area around the Rockland viaduct and Chemin Bates.

Griffintown, Saint-Henri, Lachine

The entire sector around the Lachine Canal and the very lovely Atwater Market is currently experiencing a major construction boom where the most contemporary and innovative buildings and condos in the city are emerging. More and more condo towers with common spaces such as swimming pools and rooftop terraces can now be found there. Because the popularity is high, especially among young professionals, since this neighbourhood near downtown is also home to the offices of many companies, be careful to always make a good deal by choosing these neighbourhoods to invest in a property.

Dorval: on the southwest corner of the island of Montréal

Located on the banks of Lake Saint-Louis and full of green spaces, the Dorval neighbourhood on the southwest corner of the island of Montréal is charming more and more people who want to remain close to downtown (15 minutes) while taking advantage of outdoor spaces and a more peaceful life. Dorval residents also appreciate the proximity to the airport, the train station, and the entrance to Autoroute 13, which make their trips easier.

Dorval is a family neighbourhood near Montréal that’s quite popular at the moment, especially because of the presence of many cultural, athletic, and recreational facilities, as well as various shops, which let you get everything done close to home without having to make too many big trips. As for properties, Dorval retains a great advantage over the surrounding neighbourhoods, in that it offers larger town homes or condos than elsewhere, and not necessarily for higher prices.

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