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Used Condo Purchase: Are You Really Saving Money?

On the Québec condo sales market, the used condo offerings are relatively large, but before concluding a transaction that looks appealing due to its attractive price, here’s how to know if you’ll really save money compared to a new condo purchase. Buying a new condo,...

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The Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Condo in Montréal

When the time comes to buy a property, unless you’re a real estate professional, it’s not a given that everyone will avoid certain mistakes that you’re quickly driven to commit when buying a condo in Montréal. To avoid the pitfalls and develop a little expertise in...

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How Are the Condo Fees Calculated for a New Building?

If you’ve just purchased a condo in a brand-new building, the condo fees are a point with which you should concern yourself, especially since they can be calculated incorrectly. Here’s the information you need to know as a co-owner, so that the condo fees for a new...

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5 Ideas for Modern and Spacious Condo Interior Design

The modern decor style has existed since the beginning of the 20th century. Less associated with an era than with an aesthetic philosophy, it’s still very popular today, especially in urban settings and in homes that adopt modern architecture for themselves, including...

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What Is the Legal Value of an Offer to Purchase a Condo?

During the transaction process for purchasing a condo, the promise to purchase (often referred to as an offer to purchase) is a contract that represents a commitment on the part of both parties involved. This document is signed before the deed of sale, but its legal...

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I Want to Sell My House to Buy a Condo : Where to Start ?

The condo is often perceived as a first home before buying a house. However, in some cases, the steps unfold otherwise. Following changes in the lifestyle or needs of the occupants, sometimes the opposite happens instead. In this case, what should you know to initiate...

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The Unique Features of Contemporary House Plans

Many people dream of living in a contemporary house. This type of property has many advantages, because beyond a traditional layout, the building is designed in consideration of a large number of essential aspects. Contemporary house plans therefore involve numerous...

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